B.S.F. Ladies' Rounders League

LEAGUE REPORT  by Mick Dargan (Results Secretary)  -  18/7/2018

Well, the weather finally broke and a combination of heavy rain and Bury’s footwear restrictions meant that the Senior Interleague game was a fairly slippery affair. With the series score finely balanced at four games each, this game had added importance and will undoubtedly put pressure on the Golden Girls’ game next Friday whatever happens.


Bury went in to bat first and were soon seeing the loss of a batter as Liz Lythgoe’s bowling saw off opening batter, Jo Cooper, with the first ball. The rest of the team went through the first round of batting without further loss and included rounders for Chloe Bolton and Louise Williams. No Bury players got beyond the fifth round of batting, however, and none got into double figures either. An innings total of 55 due to some excellent Bolton fielding meant Bolton would go in for their turn with the bat feeling a little confident. Again, a single Bolton player was lost in the first round as Andrea Lyon fell to a great bowler, backstop and first-base triangle. In an innings very similar to that of their Bury counterparts, two rounders were scored in that first round, from the bats of Nicola Mulrooney and Louise Smethurst. The difference was that two of Bolton’s players lasted seven rounds of batting and saw Rachael Crilly and Lucy Chadwick put out at den, Crilly on 15 and Chadwick on 9 as the team’s high scorers.


The second innings saw the loss of two Bury players without scoring and a further three out for a single point in the second round. Williams added a further rounder to that she scored in the first innings as well as a few threes to give an innings total of 17 before being put out at first base. Clair O’Riley also managed a rounder in her innings total of 13 before being hit out leaving just two players Kelly Hobberley who scored 12 and Ellis Kilcoin who managed a couple of rounders to top score for Bury with 22. Both players were put out at den.


Bolton lost a single player for nought in the first round of batting but this was countered a couple of balls later with a rounder from Crilly who went on to score into double figures with 10. Fellow high scorer from the first innings, Chadwick added another 13 points. Gail Nicholson had a reasonable innings adding 15 including a couple of rounders as did Mel Howarth who added a single rounder and 17 points and Ash Morris who added a couple of rounders in her innings of 19. Top scorer, with 28, including three rounders was Mulrooney. This brought about a Bolton victory with a final score of Bury 135 – Bolton 215.


As I said earlier, whatever the outcome of this game, it is now up to our Golden Girls to either close the series with a 6-4 Bolton victory or a 5-all draw. No pressure then, ladies.


In the league, Little Lever Cricket Club ensured their place at the top of Section C was strengthened with an away victory against Tobutt Sports. The home side went in to bat first and only skipper, Lisa Thorley, batted into double figures with 11. Little Lever CC went in and more than doubled their opponent’s score with some great individual batting scores from Jane Jones and Olivia Melling with 14 each, Zoe Barratt and Kim Barnard on 17 each and top scorer, Vicky Coop who scored 23.


Tobutts fared slightly better in the second innings, again, Thorley high-scored with 30 and this innings was joined by Heidi Duff who hit 18. The Little Lever team had to go in for just 6 points for victory and were soon declaring their second innings with the win assured.


Across town, Little Lever’s nearest rivals, Wallys Eleven were up against Redgate and with three players from Wallys and a single player from Redgate getting into double figures, Wallys went in at half time just about on top with a score of 59-55. The second innings saw something of a shock. The matchcard doesn’t record anything other than scores so I have no idea how or why, but Wallys only added a further 18 second half points as six players failed to add to their score. Redgate must have sensed victory and it came at a canter by adding a further 86 points for a 77-133 victory.


As I’ve already said, this Friday sees the final Bolton v Bury game when the Golden Girls (Over 60s but don’t tell anyone) compete. Again, this game will be played at Bury Sports Club, Radcliffe Road, Bury, BL9 9JX.