BSF Tennis League
Fixtures Index - 2017

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Play Monday Reverse Monday Mixed  Play Tuesday Reverse Tuesday
Week 1   (8) 24th April 26th June Week 1 Div 4 only (7) Thursday 20th April Tuesday 30th May
Week 2   (9) 8th May 3rd July Week 2 (11) Tuesday 25th April Tuesday 27th June
Week 3 (10) 15th May 10th July Week 3 (12) Tuesday 2nd May Tuesday 4th July
Week 4 (11) 22nd May 24th July Week 4 (13) Tuesday 9th May Tuesday 11th July
Week 5 (12) 5th June 31st July Week 5 Div 4 only (18) Thursday 18th May Tuesday 22nd August
Week 6 (13) 12th June 7th August Week 6 (14) Tuesday 23rd May Tuesday 25th July
Week 7 (14) 19th June 14th August Week 8 (15) Tuesday 6th June Tuesday 1st August
      Week 9 (16) Tuesday 13th June Tuesday 8th August
      Week 10 (17) Tuesday 20th June Tuesday 15th August
      Cecil Cup Round 1
Tuesday 16th May
Cecil Cup Round 2
Sunday 11th June
Cecil Cup Round 3
Sunday 2nd July
        Cecil Cup Semi-finals
Sunday 6th August
Cecil Cup FINAL
Sunday 3rd September
Juniors Play in weekend containing Reverse in weekend containing Juniors
Howarth Cup
1st Round
Fri./Sat./Sun. 05/06/07 May
Awaiting match day information  Saturday Saturday
  See fixture list for day of match See fixture list for day of match
Week 1   (6) 29th April 10th June Howarth Cup  Round 2
Fri/Sat/Sun  19/20/21 May
Howarth Cup  Semi-finals
Fri/Sat/Sun 09/10/11 June
Howarth Cup  FINAL
Friday 30th June)
Week 2   (7) 6th May 17th June
Week 3   (8) 13th May 24th June
Week 4   (9) 20th May 1st July
Week 5  (10) 3rd June 8th July


Cecil Cup   (Mixed League) 1st Round Tuesday 17th May
  2nd Round Tuesday 7th June
  3rd Round Sunday 26th June
  Semi-finals Sunday 31st July
  Final Sunday 21st August
Howarth Cup  (Junior League) Preliminary Round Friday 8th May
TBA 1st Round Friday 5th June
  Semi-finals Friday 19th June
  Final Friday 3rd July