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There have been no reports since 12/10/16 due to the hospitalisation and subsequent death of Colin Sharples.


Colin founded the Winter League twenty three years ago – initially with eight teams playing in one division on a Sunday afternoon.
Thanks to his commitment and enthusiasm, the popularity of the league grew over the years
leading to forty five teams taking part in the 2016/17 season.

Throughout this time, Colin’s enjoyment of the league never wavered. He would spend the Friday evenings and Sundays travelling between venues to watch matches. His understanding of the game made him an astute observer and his natural geniality, rapport and interest in people allowed him to get to know a large number of players involved. Armed with all this information Colin produced his famous wonderfully descriptive, humorous, tongue in cheek reports. He was able to find positives in the technique of all involved regardless of the level played at, but sometimes a spectacularly poor shot was too good an opportunity not to comment upon.

His reports were a reflection of his genuine love of tennis and his delight in watching players he had come to know.

All who knew Colin had enormous respect and affection for him. He was quite simply the heart and soul of the Winter League.


Colin Sharples
12th February 1938 - 24th November 2016